Applying for a job!


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Hello everyone Happy Wednesday,

It is actually time to officially apply for some of our ‘Earn and Learn’ positions that we setup for our term long inquiry project. You can have a look at he positions more closely here:

Earn and Learn Advertising Positions docx

As you will remember from previous lessons good job applications always contain certain things. The minimum things they should include are:

1. A formal greeting ,like Dear Sir/Madam or To whom it may concern

2. An explanation of what job you are applying for and why you want the job.

3.  A persuasive argument explaining some experience you have that would benefit you when completing the duties of the job.

4. Some of the personal qualities you have that suit the job, for example I am hard working, always on time to school etc.

5. A thank you at the end of the application, for example thanks for taking the time to read my application I hope to hear from you soon.

After you have drafted your application it is time to type up your application. Almost every single job application that exists in the world today is submitted using email. Yours is no different, you need to submit your application to me by attaching your application to an email to me.

So Good to Me


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This week we looked at a nice little song by Chris Malinchak called “So good to Me”
Check it out below:

After a bit of a discussion about what was happening in the video we decided to have a closer look at the girls changing emotions during the clip. Today we a re going to complete this activity by using the show not tell technique to describe the girls emotions throughout the clip. Please type in your finished work in the comments section below.

The 100 word challenge: Let’s fire it back up again!


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Good morning everyone,

We had a busy end to term two and missed a couple of 100 word challenges. So I think it is about time that we fire it back up again. This week’s prompt is:

…the forest seemed alive as…

Remember that you need to use 100-105 words that is all. Try and be creative as possible. Imagine a scene in your head and then use the ‘show not tell’ technique to create an interesting piece of writing. Some other examples from students all over the world are here: 

You don’t have to worry about submitting your post using the online form this week. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get writing!

Don’t forget to save and if you do finish be sure to check out your fellow classmates efforts and leave them positive comments. If you leave at least three comments I think that is suitable.


Library Week seven


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Last week we looked at a classic Andy Griffiths tale called Spew relish. We read the story and then watched a cartoon of the same story that was available Today we looked at


What did the K say to the C?


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Hello everyone,

I made up an awesome joke this morning. Can you guess what the punchline is?

What did the K say to the C?

Your too soft!

That’s right our spelling focus this week is on the soft c sound it is commonly used throughout the English language.

Hard and Soft C and G

The letters c and g can make spelling tricky. Each of these letters has a hard sound

hard c sound (kuh): cat, cup

hard g sound (guh): gap, goat

as well as a soft sound.

soft c sound (suh): cell, city

soft g sound (juh): gerbil, gym

Usually, a c or g sound is hard or soft depending on the vowel that follows it. Here’s the general rule:

When c or g meets a, o, or u, its sound is hard.

cap, cave, colt, comedy, curly, cuddle

gas, gather, goblet, goddess, gum, gutter

When c or g meets e, i, or y, its sound is soft.

census, center, circle, citizen, cycle, cymbal

gel, general, giant, ginger, gypsy, gyrat

This week please use spelling city or the ‘school A-Z’ app on the iPads to complete a spelling test. Keep a record of how you went.

This week I want to try creating a collaborative spreadsheet that records our whole classes spelling words. You can find the spreadsheet below:


Once you open this document you need to record your spelling words for the week in this document underneath your name. You also need to record your words in your diary like normal. Please leave a comment on this post that lets us know how you went with your spelling words, if you have any tips for learning your words and also list any words that you didn’t spell correctly in this weeks test.


Dojo, fractions and computers!


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As we all already know we have been using class dojo as a class incentive program to get us doing the right thing. PLease visit this link:

Follow the instructions to create your account. Now you can stay tuned with your dojo points.

Today we are looking at starting the day with a bit of practice on our fractions. We will be using Khan Academy, and possibly Study ladder to work out what area of fractions we need to practise. 

Wanted Posters


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Today we are going to use the computers to make wanted posters of the convicts who were part of the first fleet on Publisher.

We will first look at some of the parts of publisher that you will need to use.

Once on the computers click on the link and it will take you to a convict database.  Have a search and see if you can find one that has an interesting crime.

Here you can search for different convicts.  We would like you to create a wanted poster that contains

  • The convicts name – use a text box
  • The convicts age – use a text box
  • The crime the convict committed – use a text box
  • A photo of the what the convict may look like
  • A reward – use word art
  • A heading – use word art
  • Border – use a frame border

Here is an example of a wanted poster:

Have fun!



Jack and Augusts conversation!


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Our spelling focus this week is contractions. A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by leaving out of letters (actually, sounds). Here is a video about contractions…

Here is another video, this one is a song, learn all the words and you will be a contraction master!

Here are our spelling words for this week:

spelling 2.7

Also if you need to download our homework for this week it is below:Home Learning Week 6 Term 2

Don’t forget that you can use spelling city to complete your spelling practice and even your spelling test!


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