Making Comics


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Today we are looking at Make Belief Comix. This is a great website that makes it easy to generate your own comic strip. This would have many uses in the classroom, you could easily incorporate a comic strip into a reading reflection or to highlight something about your day, week, or holidays.

Today to practice our comic making strips we are going to make a short comic strip that is related to our current affair topic for our projects. Enjoy

Cybersafety: Let’s get virtual!


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Good Morning everyone,

Today we have an opportunity to join students all across the country to participate in an online session related to cybersafety. We will have the session on the TV in the classroom. There is also an opportunity to join a conversation with students across the country. To chat about the issues in the session all you have to do is follow the link below:

Once you are in their you must put a name. To help us identify who is typing we are going to use the code bsps-initial. So my initials are GD so I would use bsps-gd

Have fun and be safe online!

Be Confident, not too confident: ‘ph’ words


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This week we our class spelling focus is on ‘ph’ words. Quite often in english words that have a /f/ sound in them are spelt with a ‘ph’. We are simply going to record our spelling words in our English books this time. Remember you must five ‘just right’ words as well as five of the class words. Remember to be very careful when you are recording your words, dont be confident like this guy…

Below are our class spelling words for the week. Make sure you pick words that are appropriate for you no goos choosing words you already no how to spell! Challenge yourself!




4.6 Spelling 2014


Remeber to work hard and have phun!

Quality Blog Comments


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It is very important when blogging that any comment you leave is a quality comment. On most blogs you need to scroll down under a post and look for the ‘leave a comment’ section. You then might have to put in some details that allow you to leave a comment. Once you have found yourself in the right place there are several steps you need to remember:

1. Start with a greeting, and close it officially as well-sort of like a letter.

2. Always remember correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

3. Make your comment relevant! Add more information about the post, compliment the author or ask a question regarding the post make sure it is related.

4. Always re-read and edit the comment before you submit it.

Never include personal information about yourself and have fun commenting!

I would like you to practice quality commenting by visiting other Bourchier Blogs and leaving them a Quality comment. Let’s all do one comment for something on JAS’s blog. After you have done this get a friend to check that it really is a ‘quality’ comment. Then you can go to another Bourchier Blog and do the same thing. You will then have some real experience in quality commenting and be on your way to becoming an excellent digital citizen!

This is a great video about how to write quality comments from a class in California:

Feel free to leave a quality comment on this post.



Some Issues…


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Today in our Literacy session we had a look at some issues that we might be likely to see on a current affairs show at the moment. First we had a look at a three minute video from Behind the News. Check it out below?

After some healthy discussion about homelessness. We then split into small groups and read about 4 different issues that might affect people at the moment.  What we noticed is that quite often some of the features of a written text are very similar to a video text like a current affairs segment. Both forms of presenting a issue had the following features:

  • An appropriate introduction to the issue.
  • Facts and figures.
  • A personal story, from someone that is affected by the issue.
  • Advice on how you can get involved in tackling the issue.

These things might be good to remember when we are planning our own current affair programs.

Check out the articels we looked out here: Articles

Recounting your two weeks


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Hello and welcome back to school!

I hope that your two weeks were full of fun and relaxation. Term four is a pretty exciting term with lots of stuff going on around the school.  We have inter-school athletics, Melbourne excursion, school fete and lots more coming up, so get ready to get busy!

To start of the term I want to give everyone a chance to share what they did for their holidays. When you tell others about events that have been happening or have happened it is called a recount or a personal narrative. You have 25 minutes (5 minutes planning) to write a recount about your holidays or a particular event that happened during your holidays. Have a think about what sort of things you think should be included in a recount.

After the twenty minutes writing time is up. You are to publish your work and visit as many classmates blog as possible. You then have to write to write 5 ‘Guess Who’ questions about what your fellow classmates did during their holidays. These questions will then be used as a class quiz later in the week (so you have a bit of time to study everyone’s posts).

It would be great if you could provide some comments on the blogs you visit as well.


Reflecting on Term 3


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Good morning readers,

Today we will be reflecting on our term. This term has been another busy one. We have been flat out with things like:

  • Earn and Learn project
  • Science
  • Athletics
  • Information Reports
  • Song Room
  • Blue Earth
  • Winter Sport
  • Maths Blitz
  • Homework
  • Lots, lots more

I want you to think about all of the things that we have been doing this term and ask yourself some questions and write your answers in a personal blog post:

  1. Talk about something that you have enjoyed this term.
  2. Can you list one personal achievement?
  3. Tell me something that has been frustrating this term.
  4. Tell me an area that you could improve on.
  5. What would you  like to see happen in term 4?

Once you have finished your ‘quality post’ please visit at least three classmates blogs and comment on their “Term 3 Reflection post”

School Learning, home Learning, anywhere learning!


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We recently had a discussion in class about homework. What is it’s purpose? What should we do for homework? SHould everyone have to do it? What are the consequences of not doing homework.

This was a great discussion what we decided is that homework re-inforces habits that can be useful for us as we progress through schooling. It can reinforce things that we learn in class and what we said is that the reason we have homework is the same as the reason we come to school…to learn! We also though that if we are going to be doing homework then it shouldn’t be about the work but it should be about the learning. We also thought that we need to be having fun at the same time. What we would like is for everyone in the class to have a ‘home learning’ project. Individuals can decide on what they would like to learn and learn it in anyway they like. For some people this might meaning learning their 9 times tables. For others it might be to learn how to spell the 100 most commonly used word

Writing Information Reports


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Good morning,

I have I updated this post to include the rubric for our Information Reports. Please read through the rubric and if you have any questions please see me so we can clarify it. You will be scoring your own work against this rubric.

Information Report Rubric


Download the rubric here: Information Report Rubric


This morning we will be continuing to gather useful information for our reports. There is a interactive website which has great details on how good information reports can be structured. Check out the graphic below. While we already have a lot of interesting information we are going to be putting our information into a graphic organiser. Graphic organisers are very useful things for organising our thoughts.
info reports

100 Word challenge: Week 3.5


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Happy Monday,

Some people are really enjoying the 100 word challenge we have been completing in class. Once again you do not have to submit your work as the actual challenge is having a break. This week your writing prompt is a visual one.

Before you start, you will have to make some decisions about what is real size and that will then influence your story! Make sure you really think imaginatively. Choose your 100 words carefully and make sure you pay some attention to your punctuation. Many of you have been taking part for a few months now so your writing will be getting better!