Today was an extremely exciting time in SGD. We were halfway through  a maths lesson when Mr Burness came barreling through the door. Here is a picture of what he looked like:

As he strode into the class room he roared: WHO WANTS TO KNOW A SECRET!

Instantly we were very excited, everyone likes secrets. He then proceeded to tell us about the secret code of Maths that many teachers  keep a secret from kids. He shouted, bellowed and compared being good at maths to building a brick wall, talked about the good old days and shared with us some us his amazing tips and tricks of maths. He made us all stick our right hand in the air and take an oath to learn the secret code of maths. While it was sometimes hard to see the whiteboard because a fully grown grizzly bear takes up a fair bit of room in the classroom, we really appreciated him coming in and are excited about becoming code-breakers. Thanks to Mr Burness for his time.

Can you share your answer to the following questions in the comments section of this blog post…

What is the secret code of maths?

How are we going to break the secret code of Maths?







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