Today we looked at agreat song by Kate Miller Hiedke. First we made predictions based on a word cloud that was made from the lyrics of the song. Here is the cloud that we used:

We had some very interesting predictions about the text that we were going to look at and some were very close to the song. After we made predictions we had a look at the song. Check it out below:

We also had a bit of a closer look into the lyrics of the song. Caught in the Crowd Lyrics After reading the lyrics we highlighted any words that we thought were important to the meaning of the song.

We then wrote down our interpretations of the Kate Miller Heidke’s Song. It led to some very interesting discussions.
At the end of our lesson we all created bumper stickers with a few carefully selected words that encapsulated the meaning of the song.

What do you think the message of ‘Caught in the Crowd’ is?

Can you think of any other songs with a message?



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