This week I thought we would try something different to record our new spelling words. We will use the computers to not only record our new spelling words but also to conduct our spelling test and possibly find some new texts for us to read. Let’s start with this weeks words:

week 2.6 spelling


What do you think our spelling focus is for this week? Write what you think it is in the comments section of this blog post. After you have recorded your class words in your diary and your spelling books. You can then search for some just right words either in your reading book or even by performing a google search for “grade 5 spelling words”

After you have completed your words and had them checked by me, you can then conduct a spelling test using  This site allows you to type in your spelling words from last week, by clicking on ‘test me’ you then get to complete a spelling test. This site does make noise so headphones are a great idea!

If you complete all of the tasks above you can then search for some more song lyrics for our classes lyrics folder. Please get your song checked with your teacher before you start searching for it. You are only to do this task once everything else is finished.


What do you think of using the computers to find your spelling words and to complete the spelling test?



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