Today we are going to use the computers to make wanted posters of the convicts who were part of the first fleet on Publisher.

We will first look at some of the parts of publisher that you will need to use.

Once on the computers click on the link and it will take you to a convict database.  Have a search and see if you can find one that has an interesting crime.

Here you can search for different convicts.  We would like you to create a wanted poster that contains

  • The convicts name – use a text box
  • The convicts age – use a text box
  • The crime the convict committed – use a text box
  • A photo of the what the convict may look like
  • A reward – use word art
  • A heading – use word art
  • Border – use a frame border

Here is an example of a wanted poster:

Have fun!



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