Good morning readers,

Today we will be reflecting on our term. This term has been another busy one. We have been flat out with things like:

  • Earn and Learn project
  • Science
  • Athletics
  • Information Reports
  • Song Room
  • Blue Earth
  • Winter Sport
  • Maths Blitz
  • Homework
  • Lots, lots more

I want you to think about all of the things that we have been doing this term and ask yourself some questions and write your answers in a personal blog post:

  1. Talk about something that you have enjoyed this term.
  2. Can you list one personal achievement?
  3. Tell me something that has been frustrating this term.
  4. Tell me an area that you could improve on.
  5. What would you  like to see happen in term 4?

Once you have finished your ‘quality post’ please visit at least three classmates blogs and comment on their “Term 3 Reflection post”

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