Today we took a visit to Pizza Express on Verney Road in Shepparton. Marsin and Elsa (the owners) were very lovely and took the time to show us the process of making real pizzas.

We started by making the dough…

2015-04-14 11.36.10


To make the dough we used olive oil, salt and sugar, a little bit of milk, water and flour. We learnt that the magic ingredient of pizza dough is yeast. It makes the the dough grow and get nice and fluffy.

We let the dough mix in a special machine for a few minutes and then we pushed the red button which meant stop.

After the dough has been mixed in it has to be left for two hours so that the yeast can make the dough grow so that we can use it. We then cut the dough into pieces and measured three different sizes of pizza: small, medium and large. Elsa then put the dough through another special machine which rolled the dough into circles.


2015-04-14 11.49.10


Next, it was time to make our pizzas, everyone got a turn of choosing ingredients and putting them on a pizza. We had american style pizza with Salami, we had margarita, ham and pineapple and a chicken pizza.


2015-04-14 12.03.28





2015-04-14 12.21.38


Of course eating them was probably the best bit! They were so yummy! We want to say thankyou very much to Elsa and Mersin for showing us how to make pizza!


What is your favourite pizza?

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