This week in JGD we have been spending some time looking at Mem Fox’s great read ‘Possum Magic’ Hush’s Grandmother takes Hush on a journey all over Australia sampling some great Australian food to see if it can cure Hush’s problem. We had a bit of a discussion in class about Australian states and cities and even tried to locate them on an Australian map. Here is a copy of a map of Australia with the states drawn in.


The places we were looking for were:

1. Adelaide

2. Melbourne

3. Brisbane

4. Darwin

5. Perth

6. Hobart

7. Sydney

and of course how could we leave out….

8. Shepparton!

After using a few clues from Possum Magic we ended up taking a guess of where these places are. Next, we are going to look at a map of Australia of where these places  are.

Maybe next time we could talk about some of the food in Possum Magic…



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