Making Inferences!

This week we haqve been talking about something called an inference. An inference is when we use clues from the text and our knowledge to make a guess about what is happening in the text.

Clues from text + Our own knowledge= An INFERENCE!

We read a couple of texts and made inferences from them and yesterday we made inferences using this great little animation. Check it out…



This short little video is another way of explaining what an inference is.

Some of students practiced their inferencing skills using this game (just click the link)

Week 3, Term 4 Timetable

Week 3, Term 4 Timetable

Here is our timetable for the week. We will be looking at making connections with what we read during our reading sessions. We are continuing our focus on take away in maths and we are all looking forward to our dance showcase on Thursday at 12:20 (this is not reflected on the timetable but it is definitely happening!)


Finding out in Inquiry

Finding out in Inquiry

In JGD we have been really loving our Inquiry sessions.  We have had heaps of different activities going on in the classroom check out some of the photos below…

Sean’s BB8!

Sean’s BB8!

Today in class Sean brought in his new toy the BB8 Droid. This toy was super cute! We sat in a circle in the hall and allowed BB-8 to roll around stopping at some of us and then we would ask a question. You can control him to answer yes or no. This was a great way for us to think about the types of questions we were asking to try and find out as much information as possible.


Check out the BB8 in this video…

Market Day is coming!

As a part of our classes investigations into money we will be having a market day on Thursday. At 11:30 we will be selling food that we have made, so please come on down and enjoy some food, all the treats will be reasonably priced and it should be a fun time!  


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