Hush’s travels through Australia

Hush’s travels through Australia

This week in JGD we have been spending some time looking at Mem Fox’s great read ‘Possum Magic’ Hush’s Grandmother takes Hush on a journey all over Australia sampling some great Australian food to see if it can cure Hush’s problem. We had a bit of a discussion in class about Australian states and cities and even tried to locate them on an Australian map. Here is a copy of a map of Australia with the states drawn in.


The places we were looking for were:

1. Adelaide

2. Melbourne

3. Brisbane

4. Darwin

5. Perth

6. Hobart

7. Sydney

and of course how could we leave out….

8. Shepparton!

After using a few clues from Possum Magic we ended up taking a guess of where these places are. Next, we are going to look at a map of Australia of where these places  are.

Maybe next time we could talk about some of the food in Possum Magic…



Winning the sports award!

Winning the sports award!

We won the P.E. Award. Every week at our school one class that demonstrates excellent teamwork and co-operation skills gets recognise with a special trophy that we can take back to our classroom for the week. This week it was us!

We demonstrated excellent listening and many of us were heard by Mr White encouraging each other. Great Job everybody! Keep up the good work!

teamwork cartoon

Listen to Reading Playlist!

Listen to Reading Playlist!


I thought I would include our class’s listening to reading playlist on our blog. This is a playlist of youtube videos that we use in class when participating in ‘listen to reading’ activities. Now you can listen at home!

Writing Information Texts!

Recently in class we have been looking at information Texts. Information texts are non fiction. This means that they are about real things. They are usually full of lots of facts.

During our Daily Reading Hour we have been looking at lots of strategies that help us to understand non fiction texts. They include:

Facts vs Opinions: What is the difference? We decided that facts are something that you can prove and opinions are just what someone thinks! We practiced recognising the difference between facts and opinions with this sorting activity:


In writing sessions we talked about some of that non fiction texts usually have. We talked about some of the features which appear on the posters below. We are now busy writing lots of information texts that include headings, descriptions, pictures, labels and useful words. Stay tuned for some of the finished products…




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