Homework Week One

Homework Week One

Your only task that you had to complete for this weeks homework was to bring in at least one thing from home that holds a special importance to you. We shared the items yesterday in class and it was great. We got to learn so much about each other and have some laughs along the way. We also split into groups of three and talked about our own personal histories. It was a great meaningful way to get to know each other.



What was your most memorable part of this session?


Our Homework Routine!

In SGD most weeks we will have some work to be completed at home. This work  typically does not take long to complete and is closely aligned with what we are learning in class and your own interests. Homework will be given out on a Monday and is generally due on the Thursday of the same week. If you ever do not understand anything on the homework it is expected that you will let me know so that I can help. Please share this information about homework with your parents write any comments below.

What tasks would you like to complete for homework this year?




What’s going on in week 2!

This week is a special week in Australia and New Zealand. On Thursday we pause to remember all those people past and present who are a part of our defense forces who sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy the level of freedom we have in our countries.  We will have a special assembly on Wednesday and the official public holiday with no school on Thursday.

Despite our shortened week we still have a lot of work to do this week. Here is a outline of what we will be covering this week in class.


This week’s spelling focus is the ‘i before e’ rule.

Here are each groups words for the week, remember that you also need to find 5 of your own spelling words to add to the ones below:
A: shield, piece, field, thief, view
B: briefly, achieve, mischief, fierce, fiercely
c: unbelievable, achievable, believing, receive, receipt 


We will continue to look at persuasive texts this week and will be anaylsing some of the strategies Authors use to be more persuasive, including showing opposing points of view, using emotive language, appealing to audiences emotions and asking rhetorical questions.


All the things we focus on in our reading hour we will putting into practice when are in our writing workshops. We will be using the persuasive strategies we learn about in reading to help us write very powerful pieces of writing.


Multiplication and Fractions are our topics of the week. Don’t forget to collect anything you can find that has anything to do with fractions. We will be making a class display-photo’s are OK as well.


Due in Thursday this week check it out below

Homework week 2-Term 2


Do you have any questions about the week ahead?

(p.s. If any parents are reading this we would love you to leave a brief comment below)


Homework Week 10

For this weeks homework, we have to create a worded maths problem using at least two operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) . It would be fantastic to see if you could include some decimals as well.

Here is an example of a worded problem using two steps:


Scott bought three bags of snakes with 75 snakes in each one. He plans to divide all the snakes

evenly among seven friends. How many pieces of candy will Scott have left for himself?

You can write your worded problem in this google docs sheet. Be sure to include your name so we know who has done it.

If you have trouble submitting it that way you can simply write a problem out neatly in your maths books and type it up when you get to school.  Make sure you know the answer to the problem as you will have to share your problem with the class on Thursday.

Feel free to leave a comment with the answer to the example problem I included in this post, table points on offer for the first correct answer.


Homework- Week’s 9 and 10 (Term 2)

Homework- Week’s 9 and 10 (Term 2)

Here is our homework for the next two weeks. This week we only have to do two of the activites. Next week we will complete three which should be no problem as you will have a whole week!

Let me know what you think of the tasks and if you like doing homework like this by creating a comment at the end of the post. Remember to click ‘Continue Reading’ and then insert your comment.

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