Week 3, Term 4 Timetable

Week 3, Term 4 Timetable

Here is our timetable for the week. We will be looking at making connections with what we read during our reading sessions. We are continuing our focus on take away in maths and we are all looking forward to our dance showcase on Thursday at 12:20 (this is not reflected on the timetable but it is definitely happening!)


Fun at the fun run…

Fun at the fun run…

Today we all got dressed up in our house colours and put on our sneakers for the whole school fun run. It was good weather (it didn’t rain!) and everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.  The fun run is a major fundraiser for our school and any money raised goes towards upgrading some of the equipment we have in our school. Thanks very much to everyone for your hard work and contributions!

We got very active in the lead up to the fun run and now, just because it is finished doesn’t mean we should stop. Let’s keep going and try and get active everyday!

What do you do to keep active during the week?


Reflecting on Term 3

Good morning readers,

Today we will be reflecting on our term. This term has been another busy one. We have been flat out with things like:

  • Earn and Learn project
  • Science
  • Athletics
  • Information Reports
  • Song Room
  • Blue Earth
  • Winter Sport
  • Maths Blitz
  • Homework
  • Lots, lots more

I want you to think about all of the things that we have been doing this term and ask yourself some questions and write your answers in a personal blog post:

  1. Talk about something that you have enjoyed this term.
  2. Can you list one personal achievement?
  3. Tell me something that has been frustrating this term.
  4. Tell me an area that you could improve on.
  5. What would you  like to see happen in term 4?

Once you have finished your ‘quality post’ please visit at least three classmates blogs and comment on their “Term 3 Reflection post”

Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters

Today we are going to use the computers to make wanted posters of the convicts who were part of the first fleet on Publisher.

We will first look at some of the parts of publisher that you will need to use.

Once on the computers click on the link http://firstfleet.uow.edu.au/search.aspx and it will take you to a convict database.  Have a search and see if you can find one that has an interesting crime.

Here you can search for different convicts.  We would like you to create a wanted poster that contains

  • The convicts name – use a text box
  • The convicts age – use a text box
  • The crime the convict committed – use a text box
  • A photo of the what the convict may look like
  • A reward – use word art
  • A heading – use word art
  • Border – use a frame border

Here is an example of a wanted poster:

Have fun!



Learning Goals

Learning Goals

A major benefit of having student blogs is that we can share our learning goals with the world. We are working on creating smart goals in our class Smart goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Check out this poster.

smart goal setting concept


We are going to write a post outlining our goals for reading, writing, maths as well as a personal goal, something that is important to us.

Our SMART Learning Goals

Our SMART Learning Goals

Today in SGD we are going to be creating posts and thinking about our Learning Goals.  We need a learning goal for reading, writing, maths and a general or personal goal. Our Goals are going to be SMART Goals. Here is a explanation of what that means.

So for todays session start thinking about areas you need to improve on and start writing your smart goals.




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