Hush’s travels through Australia

Hush’s travels through Australia

This week in JGD we have been spending some time looking at Mem Fox’s great read ‘Possum Magic’ Hush’s Grandmother takes Hush on a journey all over Australia sampling some great Australian food to see if it can cure Hush’s problem. We had a bit of a discussion in class about Australian states and cities and even tried to locate them on an Australian map. Here is a copy of a map of Australia with the states drawn in.


The places we were looking for were:

1. Adelaide

2. Melbourne

3. Brisbane

4. Darwin

5. Perth

6. Hobart

7. Sydney

and of course how could we leave out….

8. Shepparton!

After using a few clues from Possum Magic we ended up taking a guess of where these places are. Next, we are going to look at a map of Australia of where these places  are.

Maybe next time we could talk about some of the food in Possum Magic…



Writing Information Texts!

Recently in class we have been looking at information Texts. Information texts are non fiction. This means that they are about real things. They are usually full of lots of facts.

During our Daily Reading Hour we have been looking at lots of strategies that help us to understand non fiction texts. They include:

Facts vs Opinions: What is the difference? We decided that facts are something that you can prove and opinions are just what someone thinks! We practiced recognising the difference between facts and opinions with this sorting activity:


In writing sessions we talked about some of that non fiction texts usually have. We talked about some of the features which appear on the posters below. We are now busy writing lots of information texts that include headings, descriptions, pictures, labels and useful words. Stay tuned for some of the finished products…




What’s Happening in Ballyhoo Bay?

What’s Happening in Ballyhoo Bay?

This week we are looking at a great book by Judy Sierra called Ballyhoo Bay. In this book Mira Bella the artist teaches painting and sculpture to grannies and kids. Sun, sea, sand, and sky – what could be more fun?

Until one gray day a billboard goes up, announcing a high-rise building and all kinds of stuff. No more sand or seashells or painting or fun. And absolutely no children and wildlife allowed. Mira Bella is not happy with this plan and decides to do something about it!

In class we talked about what a protest is and discussed some of the reasons that people might like to protest. We also imagined a situation where the school had decided to take recess time away from the students. We discussed what the students could do about it?

If the school ever does take recess time away, JGD might just decide to take some action….

How do you spell….?

Today we all received our own just right spelling book. This book is something we use at school (and even sometimes at home to practice words that we have spelt wrong in our writing. The number one way that we use to learn how to spell is the look-say-cover-write-check method, but we talked about some other ways we can practice our words. Can you think of any other ways to remember your words? 

Writing about our school

Writing about our school

Today’s writing task was for use to write about our school. We would like to create a piece of work that aims to tell people about all the things that make our school so special.

Here is something called a padlet that we can use to brainstorm our ideas…

What do things do we defintely need to talk about with our school?
Making pictures come to life!

Making pictures come to life!

As a part of Kids World Colouring Day all the Grade one classes completed different activities that all had a colouring theme. The theme for World kids colouring day was “Dreams’ We thought what better way to celebrate the dream theme by making our pictures come to life. Using the great app colAR Mix we made our coluring creations come to life! Our pictures literally jumped out of the page and started to move around. It was awesome!

You can have a go at home if you have an ipad. Download the sheet below, or visit the website above colour it in, download the app and watch your creation come to life!



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