Circus Rock! Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Circus Rock! Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Today we were treated to an excellent show at Eastbank Theatre by a group that is called the ‘Pants Down Circus” WE were actually really glad that all the performers kept their pants up! We saw heaps of great acts and going to the show has made us very excited for the upcoming junior school production it is hard to believe that in less than two months we will going back to Eastbank theatre this time to be on stage!

Check out a few highlights below…

2015-04-22 10.21.50

What was your favourite part of the show?

Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check!

Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check!

This week in class we have been practising a useful strategy for learning to spell words. The strategy is called look, cover, say, write and check. We had a look at the 100 most commonly used words and started to choose words on there that we needed to learn how to spell. Here is a copy of the word list as well as a poster explaining what Look, say, cover write and check is all about.


While it took us a little while to get used to it, in the end I think everyone learnt how to spell at least one word that they did not know how to previously spell. We also all learnt what this spelling practise strategy is all about and now we can use it at school and at home to learn how to spell new words.

What words did you learn how to spell?

Do you know any other good ways to learn how to spell words?

Oktapodi: A lesson about…Octopus??

Oktapodi: A lesson about…Octopus??


Today we looked at a great animated video clip called Oktapodi. We Had a bit of a chat about Octopi and some things we knew about them we also made some predictions about the story based on this picture from the start of the clip.

download (1)

Here is the video:

Even better you could have a look at some of the questions we talked about in the classroom by following the presentations below:

What do you know about Octopus? Did you like the video? Have you ever eaten Octopus before?

What I am!

What I am!

Hello everyone!

We have recently finished our assembly performance of ‘What I am’ by Will.I.AM. The song has a great message about being ourselves, working hard and trying to be our best all the time which fits in with our school motto perfectly. Check out the song below:

We designed some actions that we thought went along well with the lyrics. Check out the lyrics here: What I Am

Here is some photos from us practicing the song:

2015-03-05 11.58.47 2015-03-05 12.00.11 2015-03-05 11.58.21 2015-03-05 11.56.06 2015-03-05 11.54.03 2015-03-05 11.53.29 2015-03-05 11.50.49 2015-03-05 11.48.31 2015-03-05 12.03.32 2015-03-05 12.02.10


Be Confident, not too confident: ‘ph’ words

Be Confident, not too confident: ‘ph’ words

This week we our class spelling focus is on ‘ph’ words. Quite often in english words that have a /f/ sound in them are spelt with a ‘ph’. We are simply going to record our spelling words in our English books this time. Remember you must five ‘just right’ words as well as five of the class words. Remember to be very careful when you are recording your words, dont be confident like this guy…

Below are our class spelling words for the week. Make sure you pick words that are appropriate for you no goos choosing words you already no how to spell! Challenge yourself!




4.6 Spelling 2014


Remeber to work hard and have phun!

Quality Blog Comments

Quality Blog Comments

It is very important when blogging that any comment you leave is a quality comment. On most blogs you need to scroll down under a post and look for the ‘leave a comment’ section. You then might have to put in some details that allow you to leave a comment. Once you have found yourself in the right place there are several steps you need to remember:

1. Start with a greeting, and close it officially as well-sort of like a letter.

2. Always remember correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

3. Make your comment relevant! Add more information about the post, compliment the author or ask a question regarding the post make sure it is related.

4. Always re-read and edit the comment before you submit it.

Never include personal information about yourself and have fun commenting!

I would like you to practice quality commenting by visiting other Bourchier Blogs and leaving them a Quality comment. Let’s all do one comment for something on JAS’s blog. After you have done this get a friend to check that it really is a ‘quality’ comment. Then you can go to another Bourchier Blog and do the same thing. You will then have some real experience in quality commenting and be on your way to becoming an excellent digital citizen!

This is a great video about how to write quality comments from a class in California:

Feel free to leave a quality comment on this post.



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