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Today in maths we are going to be having a look at Study Ladder. You will all have logins for Study Ladder where you can find activities, tasks, videos etc that can help you with all different sorts of areas of maths. You van login into study ladder using your unique passwords here or follow the link to the right hand side of this page.

The first task that has been set for you this year is an assessment of lots of different areas of maths. Give this your very best shot after you finish it will provide heaps of inforamtion for what areas of maths you may need to focus on. Once you have completed this assessment I would like you to comment on this post for how you found Study Ladder. You can also explore the Stusy Ladder site for other activities you can complete. Let me know what you think.



Favourite Takeaway

We have been collecting data on a number of different topics. Many of us createed surveys on our classes birthday’s, shoes sizes favoutrite footy teams as well as many other topics. Once we collected our data we created graphs that displayed our data in a vairety of ways. We also had a look at collecting data online using google docs. We found once we started it was actually really easy. Here is the poll we created around favourite takeaway foods. PLease vote for your favourite so we can sort the results.

Have a go at creating your own form using google docs. You can then post that onto your blog and invite people to fill it out.

Do you have any other good ideas for collecting data?

What sort of data would you like to collect?

We are Code Breakers! Unlocking the secret of maths.

We are Code Breakers! Unlocking the secret of maths.

Today was an extremely exciting time in SGD. We were halfway through  a maths lesson when Mr Burness came barreling through the door. Here is a picture of what he looked like:

As he strode into the class room he roared: WHO WANTS TO KNOW A SECRET!

Instantly we were very excited, everyone likes secrets. He then proceeded to tell us about the secret code of Maths that many teachers  keep a secret from kids. He shouted, bellowed and compared being good at maths to building a brick wall, talked about the good old days and shared with us some us his amazing tips and tricks of maths. He made us all stick our right hand in the air and take an oath to learn the secret code of maths. While it was sometimes hard to see the whiteboard because a fully grown grizzly bear takes up a fair bit of room in the classroom, we really appreciated him coming in and are excited about becoming code-breakers. Thanks to Mr Burness for his time.

Can you share your answer to the following questions in the comments section of this blog post…

What is the secret code of maths?

How are we going to break the secret code of Maths?







Whats happening in SGD…

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to our blog! It has been a week since our last post so it is probably time to keep everyone updated with what is happening in our class.  Our last post was about turning our learning goals into S.M.A.R.T goals and we have been getting better at turning all of our learning goals into S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Most of our class has been writing their goals on their very own blogs, which are also very new.

Our blogs are going to a place not only for our learning goals but also a place to share anything that we are learning inside or outside of class. Feel free to visit some of our blogs by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page. We would love some comments!

In our Mathematics lessons this week we have been continuing our focus on multiplication and have also looked at areas of maths including fractions and measurement. We have also used a website called the Khan Academy to help us with our maths skills. To help us understand the basics and the theory behind multiplication watch the video below:


We have also been looking at units of length in particular we have been looking at millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers. We have been busy measuring things and learning to convert different units of length. Here is yet another video: Check it out for more ideas about converting units of length. Remember to wear headphones if you need to.


Thanks for reading/listening and stay tuned for future updates.

Do you have any tricks that helped you to learn your tables? Please leave a comment below…

Free Rice: Generous Learning

Free Rice: Generous Learning

Hi all,

This latest post is about an excellent initiative ran by the World Food Programme (you can check out there website below). Their initiative is a website called Free Rice. It is an educational website that poses short questions about a range of different topics in a multiple choice format. It cover topics such as Multiplication and basic maths, vocabulary, grammar, science, humanities and much more.

The best thing about Free Rice is that for every question you answer correctly Free Rice.com will donate ten grains of rice to the World Food Programme. The World Food Programme provides food to the millions of people on Earth who face hunger on daily basis and are at risk of starvation. It is sad that there are still people living like this but intiatives like the World Food Programme and websites like Free Rice are committed to doing what they can to help. We think it is awesome that you can not only learn using the interent but also donate rice to the people that need it the most.




We now have a group created in Free Rice so that you can save your totals of Free Rice so that you can see how much rice you can donate over the year. If you would like to join our Free Rice Group head to free rice.com and sign up for an account (you can sign up using your @bourchierps.vic.edu.au email address (google apps account) and then click on ‘groups’ on the top and search for ‘SGD’ once you find our class join it and start donating!

You can also donate rice by answering questions without having an account but it won’t be able to save your totals, Have fun with it and feel good about contributing to a great progam!



Have you heard of Free Rice before?

Do you enjoy using Free Rice and does it make you feel good?



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