Who wants to be a Theme Park owner.

Who wants to be a Theme Park owner.

Theme Park Maths 2012

This term in Maths we have started a project that is full of lots of sorts of Maths. We have planned and begun running our own theme parks. Stay tuned here for some photos of our work.

If you are an SGD student, post a comment here about how your project is going. What is the name of your park? Do you think your Theme park will make money? If you could plan your park again what you do differently?

Do you know what park this is in the picture above? Bonus points if you can answer this correctly…


Times Tables Success!

Yesterday we had our best result for times tables so far. Every week on a Wednesday we participate in maths blitz sessions where we try to improve our knowledge of times tables and other maths facts. We have been trying to improve to prove to that we are capable.  We were very pleased that Mr Burness encouraged us to improve and now we can show him how far we have come. We have knocked off over 100 points from our class average. Can you answer these questions?

What do you use times tables for ?

What can you do to improve?

If you are from our class- how much have you improved since March?

Homework Week 2 Term 2

This weeks home learning task involves starting your first ‘reading contract’ activity. We are also investigating angles this week! Check it out!

Reading Contract 2012

Home Learning Week 2 Term 2


Begin one of your ‘Reading Contract’ activities. You might not complete the activity completely, but at the very least should have a first draft completed.


Look around your house for different angles. Draw and label five different angles and estimate their measure in degrees. For example you could draw the angle of the corner of the kitchen window, label it as a right angle and estimate its measure at 90 degrees.

**Don’t forget to read for at least 10 minutes every night, and practise your times tables and spelling words.**



Climb on Study Ladder to lift your learning!

Climb on Study Ladder to lift your learning!


This year we will be using a program called Study Ladder.

This is a great website that provides loads of educational games and online learning activites. You will be provided with a unique username and password.  Then activities can be specifically chosen for you and your progress can be monitored.  SGD’s Study Ladder Homepage can be found by clicking on the link. This is where you will be able to log in, read any messages and see what new activities have been assigned to you. I hope you enjoy learning and exploring the Study Ladder website.  Once you recieve your password, log in to the website and complete a few of the begginning exercises.

What skills do you think you might be able to improve using Study Ladder?

What are some of the benefits of a website like Study Ladder?

Describe something you liked in particular about Study Ladder?



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