Making Pizza’s

Making Pizza’s

Today we took a visit to Pizza Express on Verney Road in Shepparton. Marsin and Elsa (the owners) were very lovely and took the time to show us the process of making real pizzas.

We started by making the dough…

2015-04-14 11.36.10


To make the dough we used olive oil, salt and sugar, a little bit of milk, water and flour. We learnt that the magic ingredient of pizza dough is yeast. It makes the the dough grow and get nice and fluffy.

We let the dough mix in a special machine for a few minutes and then we pushed the red button which meant stop.

After the dough has been mixed in it has to be left for two hours so that the yeast can make the dough grow so that we can use it. We then cut the dough into pieces and measured three different sizes of pizza: small, medium and large. Elsa then put the dough through another special machine which rolled the dough into circles.


2015-04-14 11.49.10


Next, it was time to make our pizzas, everyone got a turn of choosing ingredients and putting them on a pizza. We had american style pizza with Salami, we had margarita, ham and pineapple and a chicken pizza.


2015-04-14 12.03.28





2015-04-14 12.21.38


Of course eating them was probably the best bit! They were so yummy! We want to say thankyou very much to Elsa and Mersin for showing us how to make pizza!


What is your favourite pizza?

What I am!

What I am!

Hello everyone!

We have recently finished our assembly performance of ‘What I am’ by Will.I.AM. The song has a great message about being ourselves, working hard and trying to be our best all the time which fits in with our school motto perfectly. Check out the song below:

We designed some actions that we thought went along well with the lyrics. Check out the lyrics here: What I Am

Here is some photos from us practicing the song:

2015-03-05 11.58.47 2015-03-05 12.00.11 2015-03-05 11.58.21 2015-03-05 11.56.06 2015-03-05 11.54.03 2015-03-05 11.53.29 2015-03-05 11.50.49 2015-03-05 11.48.31 2015-03-05 12.03.32 2015-03-05 12.02.10


Brand New Climbing Frame!

Brand New Climbing Frame!

Our school has been very lucky and over the last few days we have some brand new equipment at the end of our oval. The climbing frame is ropes that are joined together to make many different shapes and platforms. It has been very popular at recess and lunch times so we got some time to explore the new climbing frame all to ourselves. It was heaps of fun, we certainly have a few monkeys in our class!

We talked about safe behaviour on playground equipment and everyone in our class certainly demonstrated safe behaviours.
2015-02-26 11.49.38-1x2015-02-26 11.46.032015-02-26 11.43.15

Welcome to JGD! 2015!

Hello to JGD and everyone else across Shepparton or even across the world who might be reading our blog!

On this blog we will be putting up news from our classroom. Please stay tuned and we would love for you to comment on our blog!

Cards, Hoops and Teamwork…Another day on this Blue Earth.

Cards, Hoops and Teamwork…Another day on this Blue Earth.

On Tuesday we caught up with Kerrie in our penultimate (second last- like the big word!) session with her. The session was heaps of fun we started our session as we always do by ‘checking in’ standing in a large circle and thinking about our posture, collecting our thoughts and focusing on some deep, settled breathing. We completed a couple of tennis ball circle games that helped us get tuned in and were designed to test our short-term memory.

After that we played a co-operative team game with hoops where we had to cross an imaginary river on two islands (hoops) The whole team had to cross without touching the islands and the rule was that an island can only be moved when it is completely unoccupied. It was interesting to see the different strategies that our teams used.


Our next game was another co-operative teamwork game. This time the challenge was to put in order ten face down cards. The cards where jumbled up on one side of the playing area and one at a time the teams had to run up to the cards, turn one card over and collect if they can. If they can’t collect it then they have to put the card back down on the ground face down. The cards had to be collected in order though. For example the first card you can bring back has be the one, followed by the two, then the three etc. The winner was the team that collected all the cards first and sat back down in their playing area.  The first winning time was 2 minutes 37 seconds. After a stategic talk one team in our class was able to break the current Shepparton record for this same with a time 1:52 seconds.

2014-05-20 12.47.50 2014-05-20 12.51.03Above: Lakeisha ordering her teams cards…Did her strategy work?

All in all the activities were great and in the end some excellent communication skills were on display. We finished the game with a bit of tennis ball tiggy, that got all of our heart rates up.

What was our favourite part of the session?


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