100 Word Challenge

Good morning and happy Wednesday,

We are going to be trying something new with our student blogs this week. The 100 word challenge is a way that we can use our blog to get creative with our writing and give us a authentic audience for our writing. It was set up by some wonderful people in the UK and each week they provide a new writing prompt. You then have 100 words (maximum 107) to write as creatively as possible.

Once you are finished your blog post you fill in the form on the 100wc website and hopefully some people will read your work and provide you with some comments.

This week the prompt is…

… and when I opened the cupboard door …

You must use the prompt exactly as it is written somewhere in your post.

You will have to fill out the form, make sure you only put your first name and also our class name is “SGD” and town is Shepparton. Good luck and Happy writing!

What did you think of the 100 word challenge. Did you share your work with anyone else?

ANZAC Day Websites

ANZAC Day Websites

Hello again,

On the 25th April every year Australians rememeber people who fought in wars in a day called ANZAC Day. Today we are researching ANZAC Day. Please look at your handout and read it to gain some interesting information. In addition to your handout there is also somne great information on the internet here are some websites to check out:




Lest we forget

What did you learn from your research? Leave a comment below.

Footy Tipping in SGD!

This year in our class we are going to run an AFL Footy tipping competition. This competition is going to be online using the Herald Sun’s Supertipping website. Please click on the link to take you to the super tipping website.

When on the site please click on ‘register’

Fill out the form using the email address:


Choose a password, then write it down in your general studies book, make it easy to remember. Your postcode is 3630. You dont have to use your last name. Click on play, fill in all the details, alias, football team supported etc. When it comes to phone number we put in 58213488.

Keep filling out the forms enter the code 709227 in the “I was invited to someone private league” part of the form.

Untick the “share with your connections’ box

Tick the last box in step 5.

Do you tips! and Good luck!!!


Sochi: Winter Olympics…What sport?

Sochi: Winter Olympics…What sport?

A couple of days ago the Winter Olympics in Sochi began. The Winter Olympics has lots of diffirent sports some of them we are not so familiar with here in Australia because of the much warmer weather we have here. What sports do you think might be featured at this years Winter Olympics? sochi

After we have thought of some sports, I would like you to find out some information about those sports. Use the Australian Olmypic site to find out information about your sport. What are the rules/Gameplay and what equipment is needed and whereabouts would you conduct this event. Write in full sentences, rememeber your best punctuation and grammar and happy reading!!

Homework Week One

Homework Week One

Your only task that you had to complete for this weeks homework was to bring in at least one thing from home that holds a special importance to you. We shared the items yesterday in class and it was great. We got to learn so much about each other and have some laughs along the way. We also split into groups of three and talked about our own personal histories. It was a great meaningful way to get to know each other.



What was your most memorable part of this session?


Our Homework Routine!

In SGD most weeks we will have some work to be completed at home. This work  typically does not take long to complete and is closely aligned with what we are learning in class and your own interests. Homework will be given out on a Monday and is generally due on the Thursday of the same week. If you ever do not understand anything on the homework it is expected that you will let me know so that I can help. Please share this information about homework with your parents write any comments below.

What tasks would you like to complete for homework this year?




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